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Our Commercial Expertise

We have first-hand experience of all key strategic management issues based on senior roles in multinational firms and start-ups:

Our Services

Promethion Limited is a management consultancy and advisory business established in 2001. We have completed major projects for SMEs, large corporates, government departments, financial institutions and insurance companies.

We specialise in strategy implementation, working with management to define a project roadmap with critical milestones and expected returns.

We are experts in change management and have worked with the C-Suite on a wide range of projects. We have successfully executed ambitious business plans with UK, German, Japanese and Scandinavian firms and introduced new business models to previously conservative cultures. We have established new ventures, taken them through the growth phase and sold them.

We understand that managers may encounter resistance in implementing a strategy and we have the skills to navigate internal ambiguities and put in place the necessary steps to ensure that the projected value gains are realised and sustainable. Accordingly, we have the skills to manage the most complex projects.

Although we are a small firm, we can bring in other resources from our network to add expertise.

Industry Expertise

We have broad industry experience. We have developed a comprehensive set of tools to assess an enterprise's financial and operating model and we apply these consistently across industries.

Our approach is applicable to start-ups, SMEs and multinationals. While this allows us to analyse all enterprises in a consistent manner, the scale and complexity of the challenges varies in different environments.

Ongoing Board Positions & Joint Venture Partners

We sit on various Boards and provide advice to a range of entities:

Promethion also invests in and promotes ventures:

Our Services

We focus on three areas:

Please refer to the Case Studies for a detailed analysis of the value we have delivered.

Sometimes we are asked to remain beyond the project completion or lead a business unit and make the necessary transformation. We offer different service levels to suit the client's needs:

Our Competitive “Edge”

Our Client Base