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We have broad experience of the application of new and complex technology platforms in financial services and other industries: we have implemented large-scale systems (front, middle and back office applications) to support retail banking products (loans and cards), funds and trading desks.

We have also used and assessed a wide range of software applications in trading and portfolio management and collaborated with Imperial College, London to develop sophisticated risk management tools.

We understand how digital technology can be used to modernise a business through improvements in market penetration and enhanced customer experience using online and mobile platforms.

Financial services is a data intensive industry and we have implemented systems to acquire, sort and analyse real time information to price and execute transactions. We collaborated with MarkIt to pioneer the use of red data to price credit derivatives.

We are familiar with machine learning algorithms and understand how this technology can transform business models, through data integration, enhanced decision making and personalized product delivery.

Accordingly, we are well placed to advise rapidly growing firms whose business model depends on deployment of new technology.

Promethion has advised a number of businesses applying digital technology to create a lean business model and channel services to a broader clientbase: Fintech, Edtech, Insuretech. This track record places us at the cutting edge of financial services.