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Our team brings together individuals with a very broad range of industry and product experience.

Mark Fisher, Managing Director

Mark Fisher is a Managing Director and founded Promethion in 2001. Previously he was a senior investment banker. He has worked in Frankfurt and Hong Kong and speaks fluent conversational German. His client assignments include joint ventures, acquisitions, funding strategy, risk and restructuring. He is an expert on setting up new businesses and taking them from inception to maturity and has held senior interim management positions.


Zoë Shaw, Managing Director

Zoë Shaw has a track record in establishing and managing credit businesses and has held senior roles in investment banking and fund management. She is currently a Non-Executive Director of the Newbury Building Society with responsibility for Asset-Liability Strategy, Risk and Health & Safety, and a member of the Investment Committee advising Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.   


Adam Fox, Consultant........….….

Brian Donnelly, Consultant……..

Stephen Bright, Consultant………..

Vlade Milanovic, Consultant……..


Promethion maintains strong links with leading universities and has collaborated on various projects with specialists in stochastic analysis and financial mathematics. The board has a panel of technical advisers with different areas of expertise. This ensures we have access to cutting-edge technology in risk and portfolio analysis.

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