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Dr Milanovic is a highly experienced data scientist who has spent three decades designing business information systems and implementing complex data projects in major financial institutions, the public sector and multinational corporations.

He has extensive project management experience and programmes in a wide range of languages, including Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, C++, C#, Java and SQL.

He is a co-founder and director of SmartMine (https://www.smartmine.net/) which provides curated artificial intelligence services, including image resolution, speech recognition and language processing with a wide range of applications.

He attended the Academy of Military-Technical Sciences, Zagreb where he obtained a BSc and MSc in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, specialising in rocket engineering. He was awarded his PhD with Distinction by Brunel University where he wrote his thesis on the application of advanced technologies for trading financial markets including neural networks, genetic algorithms and the feasibility of prediction in financial time series and the analysis of extreme market events.

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